I have been writing about hunting and fishing a lot on this site but being a Metro Pioneer is also about creating things on your own.  Our society wastes so much money on doing things out of convenience.  We forget how easy and fun doing things on our own can be.  This is especially true when it comes to food.  We would rather stop and get junk that is loaded with who knows what then actually produce it on our own.  If you want to start managing what you put in your body, check out these simple recipes and start cooking for yourself.


Venison Chili

Cooking with Cast Iron 

Venison and barley stew 

Making Pizza from scratch

Cooking walleye on the grill 

Cooking venison back-straps 

Dehydrating Peaches  

A great salsa recipe 

Venison Pasta 

Home-made sloppy joes 

Processing tomatoes 

Roasted Tomatoes

Homemade spaghetti sauce

Ripening Tomatoes 

Home made tomato paste 

Roasted potatoes and carrots 

Homemade fajitas 

Cooking venison tenderloins 

Healthy chips recipe 

Venison stew 

Making bean and ham bone soup

Disguising the taste of venison 

Pheasant soup 

Oven roasted fries 

How to make jerky in a smoker 

Freezer burnt meat 

Cooking with dry beans 

Homemade gravy 

Pheasant stuffing 

Healthy black bean soup 

Lentil and vegetable soup 

Baked Perch 

Making stew without opening a store bought can

Ways I cook veggies on grill 

Making doughnuts at home the easy way 

Freezing peppers 

Cooking beets on the grill 

How to marinade venison .

Cooking carrots on the grill 

Eating beet greens 

Freezing green beans 

A garden stir fry 

Removing skin from tomatoes 

Dehydrating peppers 

Canning pears 

Making homemade applesauce 

Making homemade broth 

Dehydrating apples 

Homemade turkey noodle soup with Thanksgiving turkey legs