Youth hunt success night 1

This past weekend I took both of my kids out for the youth hunt and it was a success.  My son is 9 and my daughter is 12.  For each of them, this was their first hunt.  We were hunting on private land in the northern part of the lower Peninsula of Michigan.  My father in-law would be sitting with my son and I would be sitting with my daughter.

Before we get to the story, we live in Michigan and there is not a minimum age for a kid to hunt as long as the kid is with an adult and both the kid and the parent have a license.  It is up to the parent to decide if there child is competent to hunt.  This was the first year I thought my son would be ready and also my daughters first year where she showed interest.

The first night, my daughter and I were in a tent blind set up on a nice deer crossing from a swamp to a farm field.  My son and his grandpa were set up in a tower blind on crossing by a small lake where deer bed during the day and another farm field.

We missed the morning hunt because of a sports obligation of my sons so we would be hunting the afternoon hunt.  The afternoon hunt for the youth hunt is a long one for a young hunter.    We get set up around 3:30 pm and last shooting light was 8:13 or something like that.  We would not have to wait that long.

We saw our first deer which was a fawn around 4:30 pm.  That was fun to see and was good practice for my daughter.  The fawn came right in front of us at around 30 yards and I told my daughter to put the sights of the scope on the fawn and get comfortable with looking through the scope at a deer.  She did exactly what I told her today and I could tell she was ready.  The fawn moved on and then we did not see another deer until about 6 pm.  

At around 6 pm, my brother in law text me saying a spike was crossing the road in the front of the cabin and was heading our way.  I told my daughter to get ready because a deer was coming and if she wanted to shoot she could.  The spike crossed by us in the tent and was about 10 yards away.  It then moved to the same area the fawn was at and started eating in front of us.  I asked my daughter if she wanted to shoot and she said yes.  I took the safety off of the gun and told her to put the cross-hairs on the deer.  

The deer was standing broadside so I said shoot when ready.  It seemed like 5 minutes passed by but I looked over at her and finally saw her finger moving.  My brother in law said to slowly squeeze the trigger and she definitely did that.  I looked back at the deer and heard the gun go off.  She hit the deer hard but a little high and it dropped on the spot.  I knew the deer wasn't moving anywhere so I brought my daughter back to camp so I could make sure the shot was fatal.

By the time I got back to the deer, it was dead.  I was relieved that it was a clean shot and then went back and got my daughter.   We both dragged it back to the cabin and I took care of the rest of the job.  My brother in law and his 2 year old son were in camp to help out.  We were all really excited and were pumped that she shot the deer.  I showed her how to tag it and then we hung it up for the night.  

I text my father in law and told him we had one deer hanging and would get dinner going for when they got back.  They had been seeing some deer but nothing my son wanted to shoot.  I then started cutting up some potatoes and battering some bluegills that my daughter, son and I caught in May.  I cracked a cold busch gold top and took in the moment while the oil was heating up.  I had not one care in the world at that moment in time.  What a great night!

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