Youth hunt success morning 2

Youth hunt night one was a success but there was still an unfilled tag in the group.  My 9 year old son still had his tag to fill.  I planned to process my daughter's spike by myself so I suggested to my son that we hold off for horns.  There was a rumor of an 8 point in velvet running around and the plan was to introduce him to my daughter's spike that was already hanging on the buck pole.   

Our plan was to wake up early and get to the box blind about a half hour before first legal shooting light.  My son was the hunter and Grandpa Tim and myself were the spotters.  The "cut and drag" team as my brother in law and 2 year old nephew called themselves would stay back at the cabin and be ready to help out.

We all woke up on time and my son jumped out of the bed ready to go.  This was a good sign because on hunts in the past where my son was the observer he normally didn't make it out to the stand on morning 2.  We had some doughnuts and the adults had coffee then we got ready to go out to the woods.  The temp that morning was cooler than normal for mid September which was a great thing for us.

We settled in to the blind about a half hour before shooting light and got ready.  My son had the gun on a nice tripod stand and he was ready to go.  At first light, a few does and fawns came out in front of us.  Immediately, my son asked to shoot.  I reminded him of the 8 point that was spotted the day before and said we should at least hold out for 20 minutes.  

The deer mulled around in front of us for a few minutes.  I was really hoping for that 8 point to come out but after my son said " man, I have a good shot dad" and " how much meat would that be for us?" I soon realized that he wasn't going to take the old man's advice to hold off.  He wanted to shoot the doe and I felt like he was ready.  I asked my son if he was ready to shoot and he said yes.

We all picked out the biggest deer in the group and waited for it to get by itself.  It cleared the rest of the group and Grandpa Tim flicked off the safety.  I told Brady to shoot when ready.  It felt like forever and he still had not shot.  The deer started to move and I said do not shoot.  Wait for her to stop.  

The next thing I heard was the shot catching me off guard.  I couldn't tell if it was a good hit.  Grandpa Tim saw the shot and thought the deer kicked like it was a good shot.  We were all confident that it was going down.  We decided to wait it out for a bit and then go look for blood.  We contacted the "cut and drag" team and gave them an update.

We waited about a half hour to go and look for the deer.  We did not find any blood but had an idea of where she went.  We all spread out in a grid pattern and found her laying down in a bed.  I was so happy to find the deer.  We field dressed her on the spot and then drug her back up to the truck for pictures and processing.  

What a great weekend.  I was so proud of both of my kids for getting the job done.  I had been waiting for the time to be right for them to go out and hunt with me and it was awesome.  The kids took the heat off of me in terms of meat so now I can concentrate on lookin for some horns.  Here is to a great 2020 season!

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