Cooking venison burgers on the grill

Nothing beats a good venison burger on the grill.  I process my own venison and do not cut it with any pork or bacon or anything like that.  I am sure that makes it taste better but I like the taste of it as is just fine.  My favorite way to eat it is right after the venison is processed and not frozen.  The taste is great.  Unfortunately, I get about two meals out of it before I have to freeze it.  The frozen stuff is still good but just not as good....  

I like to put salt and pepper on each side of the burger.  I make my burgers a little thicker than your standard quarter pound burger.  I find they do not dry out too bad if you make them thick like this.  To cook the burger, I start by getting my grill to about 400 degrees.  Once the grill gets up to temp, I throw on the burgers.  I will cook one side for 5 minutes and then flip the burger.  Once the burger is flipped, I will stick in my digital meat thermometer and get the burger up to the temp I want before pulling the burger off of the grill.  Venison is a weird meat because if you cook it for one minute too long it can dry out fast because of lack of fat.

I am not going to tell you what temp I cook my burger to because of health reasons.  I did some googling and there is a minimum temp that the USDA recommends.  Please look that up for yourself before settling on a temp to use for the second flip.  

Here is a picture of the before and after product.  Happy hunting and grilling!

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