Metro Pioneer adventures 3/8/20

The Metro Pioneer is still alive and well.  I haven't been doing any blogging but I am still trying to live the lifestyle.  Hunting, fishing, gardening and recently I have taken up scrapping.  Scrapping fits in perfectly with my other passions and helps me make a little money on the side.  Living like a scrapper is awesome because it makes you always think about using something thrown out to re purpose or sell.  Here is an example from this weekend.
On Sunday, I decided to use some money I received from scrapping to buy some material from the hardware store for some projects around the house.  I wanted to make a container for holding fruit tree limbs for my daughter's bunnies and then some wood to make some shelving for organization.  I also needed some propane and a bolt to fix an exercise bike I found on the side of the road.

I went to the hardware store and bought 2 2 x 4's, 2 1 x 4's and a propane fill-up.... plus the 98 cent bolt.  The wood is around back at the store I go to so I got in my truck and drove to where the boards are held.  The kid helping out in the back was busy so I loaded my own boards.  As I was loading up, I noticed a bunch of cut wood in a bin next to the warehouse so I asked the kid working what a guy had to do to bring that wood home.  The kid said load it up...... its yours.  We don't do anything with it.

I brought all the wood home and instead of making a simple box to hold the wood I upgraded the plans to a little structure that will hold hay, fruit tree limbs, rabbit pellets.  I didn't use any of the 2 x 4's and still have a bunch of wood left over.

The project was even more sweet because I used scrap chicken wire I found, a hand saw I found and a screw gun I bought for a dollar at an auction site!  The simple things in life are the best.....

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