The Tradition of Deer Hunting in Michigan

The tradition of deer hunting in Michigan is very strong.  Michigan is one of the first states to have hunting and each year has more hunters than most other states.  My family has had a yearly deer hunt for as long as I can remember.  Even though I did not hunt when I was growing up, I still enjoyed going up to deer camp every year.  Now that I have a son, I look forward to bringing him up to deer camp for years to come.

Deer camp is more than hunting deer.  Deer camp is about relaxing, playing cards, catching up with people you haven't seen in years.  Last year, my son and I went to deer camp on my father-in-laws side and it was awesome seeing him with the guys telling stories.  He has only went hunting with me a few times but was able to share a few stories of getting out there, ice fishing trips, eating candy on the ride home.

Last weekend I took my son back to the same camp.  He made it out with his Grandpa in the stand once but was too cold to go out the other couple hunts.  I was able to shoot a doe on Sunday morning so he was able to learn from Grandpa and Dad how to trail blood and gut out a deer.  Once we were home, I taught him how to hang up the deer and process it.  It was a lot of fun.

The deer camp fun does not stop though.  One week from today I will be up at deer camp once again for my family's side.  We may get a deer but most likely will not.  The deer hunting up at our camp is not that great anymore.... Either way, we will definitely have fun and will no doubt create some new stories as well as rehash the same ones again.

Have fun out there if you are going to deer camp.  If you are on the fence about going, make it happen.  If you know somebody that hasn't went to deer camp before, give them an invite....  Memories can only be made once so you better make them while you still can.

  Keep the tradition alive!


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Great story. Family traditions are so important!

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