Making horseradish sauce from scratch

This year I finally put the horseradish plants I planted a few years ago to use.  I made my own horseradish sauce from scratch!

Making horseradish from scratch is very easy to do and the end product is tasty and can be beneficial to your health.  Apparently, many people believe horseradish has many medicinal purposes.  I believe this to be true. 

Another thing I have learned about horseradish sauce is that it will clear your sinuses.  Every time I have woken up with plugged sinuses, a spoonful of my horseradish sauce clears the problem right up.  Pretty cool eh?

If you have horseradish planted and haven't made horseradish sauce from scratch before, try to make some this year.  One thing to keep in mind though.  I learned that you should only make horseradish sauce in months that have an R in it.  It tastes better that way I am told. 

How to make horseradish sauce from scratch. 

Find a helper. 

Dig some horseradish root

Peel your horseradish root.  The longer that the root is peeled before adding vinegar the hotter the sauce will be.  Wait a few minutes if you want more kick. 

Blend your horseradish root with a pinch or two of salt plus a splash or two of white vinegar.  Blend up the mix until you get the consistency you like.  The more vinegar you add the thinner the sauce will  be. 

After you are happy with the consistency of your mix, put it in a jar in the refrigerator.  You will want to wait at least two weeks before trying your sauce.  This wait time will let everything come together to make a great flavor. 

That is how easy it is to make horseradish sauce from scratch.  I can't believe it took me this long to make some.  I am now waiting patiently for SeptembeR to come along!

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