My garden plans for 2015.

My garden plans for 2015 are some of the biggest plans that I have in my 5 years of gardening.  In 2015 I am planning on increasing my garden area in the backyard, increasing my heirloom seed collection and also starting a project in my front yard to help hold rain water and improve the landscaping.

As many of you know, over the past few years I have transformed my suburban lot into a food producer.  I have added perennial crops as well as annuals to do this.  This year the transformation will continue.  I am adding another Apple tree, two blueberry bushes, a cranberry bush, honeyberries and heirloom plants. 

The heirloom plants I am going to try are West Indian gherkins, a Russian type of tomato, Swiss chard, Siberian kale to name a few.  I purchased most of the heirloom seeds this year from a new company that I recently discovered.  The name of the company is Baker Creek Seeds.  I definitely recommend checking them out at if you are in to heirloom hard to find seeds. 

The 2015 projects

I will be expanding my production space in my backyard by adding beds to the last side of the yard.  I currently have beds on three of the four sides.  I am also going to expand my dry bean production by adding two more types of beans.  I am adding Cherokee trail of tears beans and another red bean sourced from native Americans a long time ago.  Along with the dry beans, I will be adding two types of dry corn for making flour.

In 2015, I plan to start to strategically landscape my front yard.  I do not water my lawn because I am on city water so I am going to create some beds around the edges of the lawn to soak in the rain that currenty runs across the tapered grass on to the sidewalk and then in to the city drain.

The hope is that the beds will soak up and hold the water instead of letting it run off in to the drain.  I would like to do a few hugel beds if I can round up enough material.   The hugel beds will help hold water better than regular beds.  The beds will be filled with perennial flowers for beneficial insects plus decorative herbs and plants like chives and swiss chard.

To increase water flow on the lawn, I will be hooking up some pvc pipes to my downspouts to push the water on to the lawn.  This extra water will wash across the lawn to my beds.  In order to spread the water across the lawn, I plan on strategically planting a few trees to suck up the water that my beds will capture.  Hopefully I will be able to create a natural watering system by creating this system. 

All of these projects will be a lot of work but they will be worth it.  The projects will take my suburban yard one step closer to being self-sufficient.  Please be sure to check back in throughout the year as I do my garden updates.  The gardening season of 2015 is going to be a great one!

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