Deer season 2014

Deer season 2014 has not been my best season but it has been a fun season.  I have went hunting quite a few times and have saw a few nice deer.  Unfortunately I missed three opportunities to put a deer in my freezer.  I have missed more times this year than I have combined over the past 10 years.  I need to go back to the shooting range I think!

The season wasn't all negative though.  One of the highlights of the season was taking my 3 year old out hunting for the first time.  We even saw 3 deer although we didn't shoot one.

Even though I didn't get a deer this year I was able to put one in the freezer thanks to a doe my brother in law shot.  I was hoping to get some more venison but I will be able to adjust.  I have found a place not to far from my house with some decent state land for small game.

Hopefully my luck shooting rabbits and squirrels is better than with deer.  Wish me luck!

Processing my doe

Opening Day blind

Opening Day treestand

4 point I passed on that the neighbor shot.

Deer hunter in training

The blind that my son and I hunted out of.

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