Pickling turnips

If you read my last article, you know that I tried growing turnips this year.  Turnips grow pretty fast so I eventually needed to do something with them.  I am a fan of anything pickled so I started there.  Pickling turnips is very easy and they look really cool if you add a beet like i did. 

To make pickled turnips, I use the same recipe I use for pickling most things.  My recipe consists of the following.  One quart jar.  One cup of vinegar.  Dill from my garden.  A hot pepper or two.  One tablespoon of pickling salt and as many slices if whatever I am pickling that I can fit in the jar.  One thing to note. This is my refrigerator recipe.  I do not can this recipe.

Once all of the above ingredients are in the jar, I fill the rest of the jar with water.  I will also throw in other random things that I have available at the time.  This particular time I added summer savory from the garden and a sliced beet. 

How did they turn out?  The pickled turnips were pretty good actually.  They had a bit of a radish taste but were surprisingly not that bad.  I have let quite a few people try them and everybody seems to be nervous about them at first but end up trying more than one.

One of the volunteers.

The ingredients

Putting stuff in the jars.

Putting the turnips in.

All the ingredients except the beet.

After soaking for a week.  They were good.

What do you guys think of my trial? I know one little guy that likes them.

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