Fall metro Detroit suburban garden

Here are some pictures from my fall garden.  Enjoy!

Rhubarb and horseradish

I  cut off my sunflower heads but left the poles for my beans to continue to climb on

A big tomato plant and some pepper and bean plants in the back.

Beans climbing sunflower stalk




My tomatoes are still holding on.

Spinach and Broccoli raab


My herb garden and some pepper plants.

My fall lettuce patch.


A tomato plant that came up as a volunteer with some beans and spinach behind it.

My strawberry patch is growing!

Kale that I planted one year ago.

A few sunflower heads I have not cut off yet.
My raspberry patch

A spider taking care of business for me.

Some heirloom tomatoes ripening.  These were on the ground during our last heavy rain so I picked them so the slugs wouldn't get them.

More beans and a few sunflower stalks drying out behind the plastic.

That is it for my crop tour.  Please check back in to see how my garden is doing!

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