Drifting Lake Saint Clair August 9th

Last Saturday I took my son and brother in law fishing on lake saint Clair for whatever type of fish that happened to bite.  My 3 year old son and I drifted with perch rigs and my brother in law tossed out a rattle trap hoping for musky, pike or a smallmouth.  

We started fishing outside the Deckers DNR launch but the boat traffic was too much for us to handle.  Looking for calmer waters we picked up and moved in to the big lake.  Using my phone, we located a spot in the lake that was 8 feet deep.   We figured if we were to find fish this would be the spot.   

Once we made it to our spot, we put our lures in the water.  After a few minutes of fishing my son caught a 3 inch perch.  After we brought that monster in to the boat, the fish started biting.

In the next hour or so we caught 8 perch and brought in a nice pike.  We had a few more bites to keep the excitement levels up.  It was awesome seeing my son handle a spinning reel pretty well.  He will be a good fisherman some day.

The fun finally had to come to an end though as the realization set in that it was past dinner time and we had to go in which my son was not too happy about.  He said he wanted to stay until dark.  We had to go though so we bribed him with the promise of a burger and fries at the Raft in Fairhaven.  That was enough to convince him to go in. 

We did not hammer the fish that day but we had a lot of fun. Not bad for a nice August day!

Ready to go!

A quick break.

Nice pike

biggest perch of the day.


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