Garden update early summer 2014

Check out my Metro Detroit early summer garden!

My new project I started this year.  This is phase 1 of 2.  These beds have tomatoes, climbing beans, sunflower seeds for the beans to climb, pickling cukes, long cukes.
Big Rhubarb plant with some dill next to it that was volunteer.
1 of 3 lettuce beds.  I have been cutting this for a few weeks now.  I cannot get to the end before the start is ready to harvest again.
Apple trees at the end of my project.
A lilac bush next to a bed of tomatoes and more volunteer dill/cilantro.  I have 14 tomato plants I believe plus volunteers I am letting grow to see what happens with them.
Beets- I have been cutting greens on the ones that I did not thin out.  The rest will be grown for the root.
Some spinach that have done their job.  I am letting them live out their glory days for awhile more.  I am going to try to save seed from a few to see what happens.
looking down one fence row.
carrots with some eggplants in the back.
basil and peppers.
thyme, oregano, chives.
elderberry bushes year 3.
blackberry bush year 2.
The kale I wrote an article about last fall.  This stuff was planted in September of last year I believe.  We picked a lot through January and then more in the spring when it came back.  I am going to try to save some seeds from the big one on the right.
Strawberry plants.  We have been picking a quart of strawberries daily for almost 2 weeks now.
volunteer dill in the front with some green beans after.
A row of volunteer dill and cilantro.  I planted onions in the same row which are growing pretty well. I do not know if they will form bulbs given the competition with the dill and cilantro but we have been clipping the green part for green onions.
a new planting of green beans then my potato bed with radishes in front.
The front of my radish/potato bed.  The radishes have flowered in the front from the heat.  I have 6-8 potato plants behind and then a row of sunflower plants that you cannot see.  Peas are mixed in the bed along with flowers.
The other part of the team.
A close up.  The radishes are actually better now that they have flowered.  They were a bit spicy before.

That is my update for the early summer.  I am happy with the progress of the garden so far.  I should have a ton of stuff this year!

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