My Metro Detroit Spring 2014 garden update

I hope it is safe to post this article.  I have been trying to get out to take pics of my Metro Detroit 2014 spring garden but the yard has been covered in snow for most of spring!  Hopefully I will not jinx us by posting this!  

Even though we had a terrible winter, I am happy to say my garden is still standing.  It appears most of my perenial plants like my rhubarb, oregano, thyme made it through the winter.  One of my annuals which was my spinach even made it through the winter!

I was excited to see that I had 10-15 spinach plants with actual green leaves when the snow thawed.  I should be eating these in a week or two which is a good thing because I finally threw out the balance of the beets and carrots I harvested last fall.

One disappoint I did have was my kale though.  I was hoping for it to be as vibrant as the spinach but it is not.  It does appear as though it is budding back out and a few of the plants have green leaves still so that is a good sign.  I believe it will grow over the next few weeks but only time will tell. 

Now that spring is here it is project time for me.  I am on phase 4 of my plan to turn my suburban lot in to a vibrant suburban garden.  Today I planted 3 more raspberries plants, another bed of asparagus and one more apple tree. 

Planting those perennials will be projects that will keep on giving over the years.  I also plan to create beds along the last section of fence as well as create a swale using permaculture techniques I have been researching.

Today I also worked on my early spring annuals.  I planted carrots, lettuce, onions, peas, turnips, potatoes, garlic.  I will do another planting of all of these types of plants again in the fall.  Once the soil warms up a little bit more, I will plant my beets and parsnips. 

Enough with the details!  Here are some pics from my garden this spring.

Spring thyme!

Oregano popping through.


One of the spinach plants.  Check out how green the leaves are.  These lasted all winter.

Spring chives.

Dirty hands from helping.  I simple taxed some black dirt from my dad's farm this year.

Filling in the asparagus trench!

Planting raspberries.  I have 6 plants now.

Produce I have been saving and using all winter.  I still have a dozen more spaghetti squash and a few butternut squash that are still holding on.

Kale.  You can see the buds coming out by the base of the plant.

How is your garden coming along this year?

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