Cutting the cord on cable in Metro Detroit

I have been toying around with the idea of cutting the cord on my cable TV for awhile now.  A week ago, I finally did it!  As many of you know, reducing expenses and living a more simple life is my goal right now.  Cutting the cord on cable TV definitely fits in to both of those categories.

Since I cut my cable, many people have asked me how I possibly could do it.  The answer is that it is easy.  My wife and I rarely watched cable as it was and my kids don't care if they are watching a cartoon on PBS or Youtube rather than the Disney channel.

The few shows that my wife and I did watch we can still follow.  We can watch all the cable programs (not right away though) we did before on Netflix (which I already had) for 10 bucks and the big networks shows on my new digital antennae.

My digital antennae cost me 70 bucks but I live in the suburbs of Metro Detroit so I had to purchase something that would pick up the local signals from Detroit.  I now get around 15 channels on my digital antennae.

Cutting the cord on cable does have its negatives though.  One of the things my wife liked about cable was the DVR.  We could record shows and watch them later.  How could we do that without cable?  This was actually the last thing standing in the way of my wife accepting the cord cutting idea.

I do not give up though.  After some research, we found we could actually buy a digital recorder that would do the same thing.  The digital recorder we bought is definitely not as flashy as a cable DVR set-up but it works.  You can set it to record shows over the air like you can with a cable DVR unit.  The unit will also burn DVDs as well as play DVDs.

We paid 200 bucks for the machine.  This sounds like a lot but the unit will will pay for itself in 4 months.  Add on another month and a half for the digital antennae and we will have made our investment back.  After this happens, we will be saving 55 bucks a month or 660 bucks a year.

One of the things I liked about cable is watching Detroit Tigers and Red Wings.  Unfortunately, there is not much I can do to continue to watch both of these teams.  You can purchase big game tickets to watch on an I-Pad but local games are blacked out.  That doesn't do anything for me.  Oh well.

With everything in life there are positives and negatives.  In the case of cutting the cord on cable, the positives outweigh the negatives for me.  660 bucks invested yearly at 7 percent is 65,000 dollars in 30 years.  I can listen to the Tigers on the radio for that kind of cash!

My set-up if you are interested in saving some cash:

Digital Recorder made by Magnavox
Long range digital antennae made by Terk
Google chromecast to stream from I-pad to TV

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