Lasagna gardening

If you are interested in starting a garden in a subdivision like myself, you should definitely research lasagna gardening.  Lasagna gardening is a good way to start a cheap organic bed without breaking your back removing grass.

Removing grass is one of the biggest pains I dealt with when I first started trying to convert my suburban yard to a suburban garden.  Year one I hauled away the grass when I made my initial beds.  This was a pain.  Hauling away the grass was a big waste.  I had to transport the grass away plus my beds lost height which I replaced with dirt from the store.  Talk about a rookie mistake! 

The next year I simply flipped the grass and dug out holes where I put the plants.  Not as much of a pain but still time consuming.  This worked okay but my ground consists of a lot of clay so my organic matter was definitely lacking during the first year.

Going into the third year of gardening I learned about lasagna gardening.  This was one of the breakthroughs in my head that got me really thinking and learning about organic gardening.  I was also able to double my bed production because of how easy it is to make a bed utilizing lasagna gardening techniques.

What is lasagna gardening?  Think of a piece of real lasagna sitting on your dinner plate.  A layer of pasta, then a layer of sauce, another layer of pasta, more sauce and then cheese.  This is the same pattern you use when lasagna gardening except you use things like cardboard and compost.

I have completed a few lasagna gardens now on my property in the suburbs of Metro Detroit and they have all turned out great.  I do not follow the rules described in the book "lasagna gardening" to a tee but I try my own variations based upon the materials I have on hand.

If you are interested in learning more about lasagna gardening, I would suggest getting the book called "Lasagna gardening".  I could try to explain it to you but that would be unfair to the person who spent their time designing and writing about the method.

 Here is an example of one of my beds I made last fall.

Putting down the cardboard.

Adding the compost.

Covering with newspapers.

Dirt and grass.

In the spring I constructed a bed out of left over 2 x 4's in my basement like I did for the majority of my other beds in my garden.  I will try to remember to take a picture this year of plants growing in this garden.  I grew tomatoes here last year and they turned out great!

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