Combining turkey burger and venison.

The last few years I have been lucky enough to get a deer or two each year.  Given the fact that I have learned to process my own deer, that means a lot of cheap high quality meat for the family.  Unfortunately, my wife is not all that keen on venison.

When I say not all that keen, I mean she used to despise the taste.  She would not be in the same room with me when I was cooking venison.  That is okay though.  I am a very persistent man and have been able to wear her down over the years.  I jokingly wrote an article a few years back describing my work on the subject.

Fast forward to this year.  My wife actually let me cut up a deer on the kitchen table.  She also came up with the idea to mix ground turkey with the venison I processed.  Pretty sweet eh?  I know what you are probably thinking.  Turkey burger and venison?  It may seem weird but it is actually really good.

The turkey burger and venison does not have a strong venison taste.  There is no grease what so ever when you cook it.  My whole family loves it.  What more can a guy want?  I am not a nutritionist but I would have to say turkey burger/venison mixture is better for you than beef.  I know it is cheaper.

To make the venison/turkey burger mix, I simply ground the venison with a hand grinder, mixed the venison burger with the turkey burger and then put the mixture back through the grinder.  The only issue I had was when I ran the mixture back through the grinder it was binding up with the smaller diameter plate.

No big deal, I took that plate off and used the bigger diameter.  My mixture looks like ground chuck you would get from the store.  If I upgraded my grinder, I am sure I could use a smaller diameter but that would make the job too easy!

Check out some pics of the process of combining turkey burger and venison.

The venison and the turkey burger.

The mixture

The finished product and the customer.

That is how I combined turkey burger and venison.  Don't worry though.  I didn't combine all of my ground venison with the ground turkey.  I mixed nine pounds of venison with nine pounds of turkey burger.  Next year, the goal is to source some organic turkey breasts to grind up instead of turkey burger from the store.  This will make my combination of turkey and venison even more organic.

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Anonymous said...

I made some with my deer last night. I added 2 lbs of deer to 1 lb of turkey and perhaps a quarter pound of Italian sausage, one whole egg and some Worcestershire Sauce, a bit of salt and pepper, bit of stone ground mustard, tossed in some crushed bread crumbs, mixed it all up and grilled it. It was really good!

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