Saving money by insulating your electrical outlets and switches

If any of you read the article saving money with the Metro Pioneer, you know that I am on a crusade to cut my family's spending down as low as I can.  One of the ways I believe I can do this is by increasing the insulation in my house.  I have many projects to complete in this area but eventually I will get them all done.  

The first project I tackled was to save money by insulating my electrical outlets and switches.  Insulating your electrical outlets or switches may sound like a waste of time but I believe it is worth the effort. 

An article I read on the Consumers Energy website claims that 2 percent of a homes heat can be lost through electrical outlets and switches.  I don't know how much money that equates to but I am sure it is way more than the six bucks I paid for the kits.

Insulating your electrical outlets and switches is a very simple task.  In fact, my daughter was actually able to complete all the steps in the process once she watched me insulate a few.  If a five year old can add insulation to an electrical outlet, you can!

If you are interested in saving money like I am, I strongly urge you to insulate your electrical outlets and switches this year!  Remember you only have to insulate the plugs or switches on outside walls though.   

***Before insulating outlets and switches... make sure all safety precautions are taken when working around electrical equipment.  The money saved doing this project is not worth electrocuting yourself! *** 

Make sure to use an approved kit that has fire-proof material.  I bought mine at Meijer.

Punch out the holes in the insulation and take off the cover of the outlet.

Add insulation.

Add back on cover and you are done.  Simple!

You can even do double outlets like this.  These are a bit more tricky but still really easy.

My daughter did both outlets in her room all by herself.

Good luck!

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