Michigan deer hunting 2013

The deer hunting season was a pretty good one for me this year.  I was able to shoot a three pointer on opening day and was given a doe my father-in law shot.  Both animals I processed myself.  I did not take or even see a trophy animal this year but I had an enjoyable season just the same.

I look forward to creating some new hunting spots next year and to get my daughter involved in a hunt or two next year.  My plan was to take her on one sit this fall but time is running out.  I still might be able to make it happen though.

Check out some pics from my deer hunting season.


Hunting at our cabin up north.


ground blind up north

The fruits of my labor

late October hunt

Pure Michigan!

The three pointer I shot.

Opening day

tenderloins and eggs for breakfast November 16th.

The deer quartered up.

How was hunting for you this year?  It seemed pretty slow from what I experienced and from what I have heard from my friends.  Hopefully the hunting season of 2014 will bring more action for me.  There is one good though though....At least I have a full freezer to hold me over as I wait!

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