Making homemade turkey noodle soup with Thanksgiving turkey legs

I don't know why but most people I talk to do not like the turkey legs on their Thanksgiving turkey.  I love them but to each their own.  If you do not like eating the turkey legs, check out how I made homemade turkey noodle soup using Thanksgiving turkey legs.  You will be glad you did.

This meal cost me appx one dollar for the noodles I purchased from the store.  Of course I grew a lot of the other ingredients in my garden but you should still be able to make this meal for under five bucks if you aren't as lucky as I am.

The first part of making homemade turkey noodle soup is making the broth.  Most people would use a chicken broth flavor cube for this part but that is not fun.  Plus, those cubes are also pretty disgusting aren't they?  What is in one of those things?

To make homemade turkey noodle soup my way, we will use the Thanksgiving turkey legs to make our broth.  I also saved some of the tasty brown skin that you know you shouldn't eat on Thanksgiving day but you do anyways.

Step one in making the broth is to fill up a pan with a few quarts of water.  I use a large sized stock pot filled half way with water.  You can fill yours as full as you like.  Remember though, less water equals stronger stock plus less soup and more water means more soup but weak broth.  You need to find the happy medium through experience.

Half full

Once you have your pot filled with water, throw in the turkey legs and skin or other things that you have saved.  You can also throw in any seasoning you like at this point.  I used basil and thyme because that is what I had saved from the garden.

Looks good eh?

After your items are in the pot, cook on high until the water is boiling.  Once the water is boiling, lower the temp and let everything cook for about an hour.  You can cook the stock longer if you want but I find an hour to an hour and a half is just about right.

The next step in making homemade turkey noodle soup is to pull out the turkey legs and other items from the pot.  Do not throw out these items though.  Put the turkey legs in a bowl to cool down so you can pick the meat off later.  You now have turkey noodle soup broth in the pot.  My grandma would be proud of me!

Plenty of meat on those bones!

Now that you have turkey noodle soup broth, the rest is easy.  You can now throw in pretty much whatever you like to make your soup.  For veggies, I had some broccoli left over from Thanksgiving appetizers plus kale and carrots from the garden.  Any veggie will work though.

Remember to compost.

After the veggies are added to the soup, I cook these items for about ten minutes or until they soften up.  Once the veggies have started to soften up, you can add the meat from the turkey legs you pulled out earlier as well as any type of dried noodle you prefer.

Everything cooking.

Once the noodles are "al dente", the meal will be done.  Pretty easy eh?  As you can see, making homemade turkey noodle soup using Thanksgiving turkey legs or any part of the turkey is a pretty cost efficient, healthy meal.  Please try this at home!



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