Ice fishing Little Bay de Noc

Last year I was able to go on an ice fishing trip with a group of family and friends to Little Bay de Noc in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  The fishing wasn't the greatest but my trip to ice fish Little Bay de Noc is one I will always remember.

Ice fishing Little Bay de Noc was something I always wanted to do.  Little Bay de Noc was on my ice fishing to do list for a few reasons.  The first being the big walleye that come out of Little Bay de Noc.  I don't know how many Youtube videos of 30 plus inch 10 pound walleyes I watched before the trip but I bet it was pushing 100.

One of the other reasons I wanted to ice fish Little Bay de Noc was the fact that I had never experienced a U.P winter trip.  In fact, until last year I had only set foot on the other side of the Mackinaw bridge one other time.

The third reason I wanted to ice fish Little Bay de Noc was the history around the body of water.  Little Bay de Noc has been a destination for ice fisherman for many years.  People were hauling in walleye from that body of water before I was a glimmer in my old man's eye!

Details of the trip.

Our ice fishing trip to Little Bay de Noc was booked for the middle of January.  The plan was to take two vehicles hauling 6 guys, 3 snow machines, 1 quad, and as many fishing poles and lures needed to get the job done.  One of our cousins from Wisconsin was going to meet us at the lake.

The trip to Little Bay De Noc from southeast Michigan was going to take almost 10 hours so we decided to cut the trip in half.  One of the guys that went with us owned a cabin around the halfway point so his place would serve as the first stop of our trip.

We would then wake up super early to get to Little Bay De Noc to fish Friday, Saturday, Sunday morning.  Vacation time is always at a premium so we would drive back direct on Sunday so we could work Monday.  This made for a lot of driving but we definitely made the best of the trip.

The accommodations

The group stayed at a place called Lindberg's cove.  You can check out the website here if you would like.  All I can say about the place was that it was awesome.  The cost was great.  The place was right on the water.  The owner was very friendly.  A plus accommodations!

The fishing

The fishing was terrible.  We caught one walleye and a handful of perch.  I do not think we were alone though.  Most guys we talked to were doing about the same.  The story from the locals was that the fishing had really gone down in the last few years.  Big fish were still being caught but the numbers were on a decline.  Hopefully this will change around in the near future.

We spent most of our time fishing the first reef.  We would start higher on the hump of the reef during low light conditions and then work our way deeper during the day.  That seemed like a pretty good program given the research we did but it did not work out for us.  Oh well!  That is why they call it fishing and not catching.  What we lacked in fish we made up for in camaraderie!

The Drama

The trip did have a few dramatic events though.  We braved a nasty snowstorm the first day.  We had a snow-machine that caught on fire.  We even had a case of a missing quad key.  No big thing though.  The snowstorm was easy to handle.  The fire was put out and the key was replaced at a dealer.

More about the fire....

The snow-machine catching on fire was a crazy situation.  I will never forget driving up on my cousins and my friend Charlie trying to put the fire out.  The scene consisted of my cousin butter who is a good sized man drilling holes with his auger while the other guys frantically scooped water on to the machine.  Classic.

To make matters worse, the machine was my cousin's dads.  Lets just say, he was a little nervous to call him to break the news.  Luckily nobody was hurt though and the fire was the cause of a small situation that was repaired for under 200 bucks.  I would never have thought that was going to be the case that day though!

All in all we had a good trip.  The fishing wasn't that great but we shared a lot of good times together.  We even made a trip in to Escanaba to do a little howling at the moonlight!

More pics from the trip

Charlie was a little cold!

Keeping the beer from freezing.

The big walleye fisherman.

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