Sources for obtaining heirloom tomato seeds

Last year I wrote a post about saving heirloom tomato seeds.  I recently posted this article to and received a lot of good feedback about the article.  Most reddit readers seemed to like the post and a few even asked about sources for obtaining heirloom tomato seeds.

That is a good question.  I started my heirloom tomato collection from seeds given to me from a co-worker as well as purchasing seeds from a few of the bigger websites out there.  The Reddit readers made me think though.  Was purchasing seeds from a big name website the best way to buy seeds?

As many of you know, my new philosophy is to try to do everything in my garden as minimalistic as possible.  Looking at my initial start to heirloom tomatoes, did I do that?  I definitely did with the seeds given to me by my friend but probably not so much with the seeds purchased from one of the big seed companies.

So how does one obtain heirloom seeds without going to one of the big seed companies that most likely raised your seed a thousand or so miles from your zone?  Some of the Reddit post commentators had some good ideas I had not thought of before. 

The first one and the most obvious that I can't believe I didn't think of is at a farmer's market.  To do this, simply go to a local farmer's market and purchase some heirloom tomatoes.  Pick the ones that you like best and save the seeds. 

This is a no-brainer.  Most likely, the tomato you buy at a farmer's market will be grown at least within 150 miles of your land.  This is a good thing because you want to try to grow plants from plants within your area.  What better way to do this then from a tomato grown by a local farmer?

The second source for obtaining heirloom tomato seeds is to go on-line to find a  seed-saver organization in your area.  What is a seed-saver organization?  A seed-saver organization is just that.  They save seeds and trade them amongst members.  Depending where you live, you should be able to find one in at least your general region.

A third source for obtaining heirloom tomato seeds is to purchase your seeds on-line from independent farmers/sellers.  I didn't realize this before doing some research but there are quite a few independent retailers out there nowadays.

A link that I found interesting was one that a reddit reader shared with me.  The site has a bunch of links that go to seed sites.  The site is called selected  I checked out the site for a bit yesterday and found quite a few interesting links although there are links for a few of the big guys.

Some of my tomatoes!

If you are interested in growing heirloom tomatoes and do not know where to get them from, please check out some of the options I listed.  I know I am going to check them out!

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