Making homemade applesauce

Remember the other day when I was talking about the apples that my friend gave me?  For those of you that did not read the article, a friend from my work gave me a bunch of apples from his garden.  At the time, I had a bunch of other fruit so my wife and I decided to make homemade applesauce.

This was our first time making homemade applesauce but we were confident our sauce would turn out great.  I had a bunch of gala apples from two of my new trees at my house along with the Macintosh and Honeycrisp apples my friend gave me.

To help make our homemade applesauce, I pulled out my recently purchased Victorio saucer.  If any of you have used a Victorio saucer before, you know these bad boys are awesome.  I had used my saucer a few times making pasta sauce but wanted to see how it would work making applesauce.  The Victorio saucer worked great!

Now for the sauce.  As always, we enlisted the help of our two year old son and five year old daughter to help make the sauce.  My daughter loves to be the "pusher" as we call it on the saucer while my son puts in whatever we happen to be working with that day.  I am the cranker and my wife is the slicer.  Needless to say, we have quite the production line!

For our production run of homemade applesauce, we chose the freezer method to preserve our bounty.  We did this because we were out of new seals but I am sure canning would work as well.  One tip that I would like to share.  When using homemade canning equipment, the rule is that you always throw out the seal.   I save mine.

While it may be true that you cannot re-use the same seal the next year when canning, you can when freezing.  The food is preserved because it is frozen so it doesn't matter if the can is sealed correctly or not.  Do not put any cans on the shelf though!

Anyhow... To make the homemade applesauce, we simply cut the apples in quarters, cooked them until they were soft, ran them through our saucer, froze the pulp/juice.  Sounds pretty simple eh?  It definitely was.  However, we did learn one thing for next year's batch.  For thicker sauce, cook the apples longer.

The reason the sauce thickens up when cooking the apples is a simple one.  The saucer will allow more of the skin to pass through to the sauce bowl with mushier apples.  The extra skin thickens up the sauce but also gives it more of a brown tint.

The bottom line for me is making homemade applesauce was definitely fun.  The kids enjoyed working with the apples as well as the taste of the sauce.  We will have a nice supply of fresh apple sauce this winter for basically free.

I strongly urge anybody out there to try making homemade applesauce on their own.  You will be glad you did!

Some pics from our fun day!

Sliced apples

Production run 1

Washing the jars

One part of the team

The apples after they have been cooked for 20 minutes

The final product.  Note the color difference between batch 1 and 2.

Have fun!

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