A weekend at Outdoor adventure in Standish

A few weeks ago, my family and another family that we are friends with made a trip to the Outdoor adventure in Standish, MI.  For those of you that do not know, the Outdoor adventure is sort of like a club or condo association for people with RV's.

To be a member at Outdoor adventure you have to pay an upfront cost of something like 8,000 dollars plus yearly maintenance fees of around 400 bucks.  Excuse me if my numbers are not correct but this is an approximate based on info my friend gave me.

Once you are a member of Outdoor adventure, you can camp pretty much all year round.  There are certain rules about length of stay so I do not believe you can camp 365 days a year but from the sounds of it you could camp three out of every four weeks.

How did the Metro Pioneer get into such an exclusive club you are probably thinking.  My friends were staying at the campsite for a couple weeks on a trial so they invited us to bring our tent to their site.  We happily accepted the invitation.  Camping in a tent for free is definitely in my price range!

Back to the campsite.  The Outdoor adventure in Standish is definitely a nice place to spend some time with the family.  The site has a bunch of activities set up as well as putt putt golf for a dollar and free pedal-boat rides.  The outdoor adventure in Standish has an outdoor pool, a pond for swimming and fishing as well as an arcade.

Other highlights of the weekend included the casino night, free coffee, and a free hay ride.  The free hay ride wasn't technically free because you had to sing though.  Hearing me sing always has a cost associated with it! 

Another thing to add about the campsite.  The Outdoor adventure in Standish had quite a few security people walking around.  This is not a good thing if you are young and crazy but for an old geezer like myself with kids, this is a good thing.

All in all the campsite was really nice but I could never see myself paying that kind of cash to be able to camp.  The amenities were really nice and all but you have to be really into camping to put that kind of investment down in my opinion.

To each there own though.  If you are thinking about getting a membership at the Outdoor adventure in Standish, this campsite was probably the best I have been to. 

Pics from our fun weekend

Our set-up.

Lunch time.

Starting a fire.

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