Replanting garlic from your garden

Garlic is one of the vegetables/plants that you can keep replanting year after year.  Sounds too good to be true right?  Fortunately for the cheap people in the world like myself, replanting garlic from your garden is legit.  I have done this for two years in a row and have had success each time.

In fact, I learned about replanting garlic from a guy I know that has been utilizing this trick for many years.  Each year, he keeps about ten percent of his garlic crop to replant.  His garlic production is around 200 bulbs now.  I guarantee there are not any vampires in his neighborhood!

So how do you replant garlic?  Replanting garlic from your garden is simple.  To do this, simply save the best looking garlic bulbs out of your years crop until you have enough to replant.  One thing to remember when doing this is that each bulb has individual pieces that you can plant.  More on that later.

Why do you pick the best ones?  Shouldn't those be the ones you keep and eat?  You want to keep the best looking garlic bulbs because you want those superior genes to live on for next year.  As the years go on, you will have awesome garlic.  Think of the strongest will survive theory you learned about in school.

When is the best time to replant garlic from your garden?  This one depends on where you live.  If you live in Michigan like myself, I have found the best time to plant garlic is in the fall.  This gives the plant a bit of time to establish itself over the winter.  Garlic must go dormant over the winter because once spring hits your garlic will be one of the first plants poking through the cold dirt.

If you are interested in replanting garlic from your garden next year, check out the pics from last year of my daughter and me planting garlic.  I wish I would have taken some pics of the plants as they grew in the spring/summer but neglected to.

Dig yourself a hole.

Here is one of the bulbs of garlic

Find a helper!

Plant the garlic piece like this.

Good luck!

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