My stir fry using garden veggies

Are you running out of ideas to use up all of the veggies from your garden?  If yes, try a stir fry using your garden veggies.  If you haven't stir fried before, do not worry.  Cooking stir-fried veggies is a very simple method of cooking food.

I recently had a stir fry at my house for dinner using garden veggies along with dried black beans and brown rice.  Needless to say, it was a hit.  My stir fry was not only a great tasting meal that the whole family enjoyed but it was extremely cheap.

I probably spent under three dollars on my stir fry.  Not bad considering it fed my whole family not once but twice.  Talk about value.  I guarantee that the dollar menu at your local fast food could not compete with that!  My kids loved the taste and my pocketbook loved the cost.

What does a stir fry consist of?  To me, a stir fry consists of rice, veggies, protein, soy sauce.  You will also need a pan that will allow you to get it very hot.  A wok is ideal for this but a cast iron pan would work in a pinch.

Why is a wok ideal for stir fry?  A wok is ideal because they are made of thin metal which allows them to heat up very fast.  This is the basic principle behind stir-frying your food.  Getting the food hot very fast.

One of the great things about stir frying food is that you can use whatever ingredients you like or have available.  Onions, peppers, broccoli are normally my go to items for the veggie category.  Chicken, steak (preferably venison), or black beans are my proteins and my rice of choice is brown rice.

How to stir fry foods?  To start stir frying your food, put a little bit of olive oil in the pan and let it start warming up.  Once this is done, start adding your ingredients from the longest to cook (broccoli) to the ingredients that are the fastest to cook (black beans).  Splash some soy sauce on the ingredients as they cook.  Once they are done, put everything over rice.  Pretty simple eh?


Check out my stir fry from a week ago....

My ingredients.

Adding the items that take longer to cook.

adding some spice and other items.

adding the black beans and soy sauce.

The finished product!

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