Freezing green beans

I have been up to my eyeballs in green beans this summer.  The awesome summer we had in Michigan helped create a monster of a garden in my backyard.  One of the crops that really prospered were my green beans.  Starting in early July, I was bringing in heaps of green beans every night.  (Check out my garden's progress on Facebook

Having a bunch of green beans is great but what do you do if you cannot keep up with the demand?  One option is to give a bunch away.  I normally do this for other veggies in my garden but green beans are one of my favorites so unfortunately for my neighbors/friends I get a little stingy.  Sorry guys!

The second option is obviously to preserve the green beans.  So how do you do that?  There are two options to preserve green beans that I know of.  Freezing green beans or canning them.  To can green beans, you need a pressure cooker which I do not have yet so this option is out.

Why wouldn't the water bath method work?  Green beans are not high in acid so unless you want to test your luck with botulism, this method is not recommended by anybody.  I am not much in to that so the only option left for me is freezing green beans.

Freezing green beans sounds easy but you can mess the process up if you do not do it correctly.  How could you mess up freezing green beans you are probably thinking.  I messed up my attempt at freezing green beans last year by over-thinking the process.

When I froze my green beans last year, I cooked them for a bit before freezing them.  I thought for some reason that this would make them better but I was wrong.  When I went to thaw out the green beans for a nice venison stew in the winter, they were very soggy.  I used them anyways but they were not the best.

So back to this year.  Once the green beans starting coming on, I needed to do something with them.  Since I am too cheap to buy a pressure cooker, I figured soggy green beans were better than store bought green beans in the winter.  This meant another attempt at freezing green beans.

This year, I did not cook the green beans.  I figured if they were going to be soggy, why waste the time cooking them.  The day I froze my green beans, I simply cut the beans into bite size pieces and put them in a freezer bag.  I also made sure to use green beans that I picked that day. 

I didn't have very high hopes for the green beans and figured they would be in the freezer until winter venison stew time but I was wrong.  I worked late one day at work and came home to see my frozen green beans on the dinner table.  They were a hit with the family!

If you find yourself with a bunch of green beans this year and no way to can them, try freezing green beans.  Do not overthink the process and they will turn out as good for you as they did for me.

A nice pile of pole beans.

I cut my green beans into bite size pieces.

Ready for the freezer.


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