Dehydrating peppers

One of my projects this last week was dehydrating a bunch of hot peppers.  If you remember one of my posts from last year, I tried freezing peppers.  My frozen peppers turned out with mixed results so this year I tried dehydrating peppers.

So how did they turn out?  My dehydrated peppers turned out great.  In my opinion, dehydrating peppers is a much better way to preserve peppers than freezing them.  The dehydrated peppers take up less space in general plus they do not take up valuable freezer space (deer season is right around the corner! ).

Dehydrated peppers are much easier to work with than frozen peppers.  With frozen peppers, you have to let them thaw out plus they can get mushy.  Dehydrated peppers are definitely not mushy and they seem to have the same amount of kick as their frozen counterparts.  There is a heat loss when comparing fresh to dehydrated and frozen though.

Another benefit of dehydrating peppers is that they can be used for decorating.  A glass jar full of different types and colors of hot peppers is always an interesting thing to look at in my opinion.  A glass jar full of frozen peppers... not so much.

Dehydrating peppers is very easy.  If you have a dehydrator, you will be able to dehydrate peppers.  In fact, peppers are probably the easiest thing I have dehydrated.  Unlike other items, you do not have to soak peppers in lemon juice or anything like that to make them not lose their color.

To dehydrate peppers, you simply cut the peppers in strips or leave them whole and let the dehydrator take over.  One word of advice that I would like to offer is that you should use rubber gloves if you decide to cut your peppers in to strips.  You do not want to rub your face or eyes either!

Sounds pretty simple eh?  Dehydrating peppers is not only a fun activity but now I have homemade hot peppers to add to my venison chili this winter.  I have already made up one batch and the chili turned out great.  When I cooked my chili, I simply dropped one of the dehydrated peppers in and the flavor was unlocked.

If you have a bunch of peppers like I did this year, I definitely reccomend dehydrating peppers.  Check out a few pics of my attempt.

Blowing off the "hot" peppers.

A designer could really do good work with those colors!

Ready for chili

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