Eating beet greens

Being a Metro Pioneer is all about trying to do more with less.  A classic example of this motto is eating beet greens.  Eating beets greens you say!  I know, eating beets let alone beet greens sounds disgusting to most people (me included before this year) but they are not.  Beet greens are awesome!

I am not a nutritionist by any stretch of the imagination but I have done quite a bit of research on beets and beet greens and they seem to be one of those "super-foods" people talk about.  Beets are packed with vitamins and minerals.

Being packed with vitamins and minerals is an awesome thing but the main thing I like about beets is that they are easy to grow and they store very well.  These two things make beets very cheap to grow.  Throw in the added benefit of being able to eat the greens and you have the Metro Pioneer stamp of approval!

Back to eating the greens.  Do not throw them away if you grow beets.  I could even argue that you are throwing away the best part of the veggie if you toss them.  Beet greens are way to good for your compost pile!

So how do you prepare beet greens?  I have found that beet greens are good prepared two ways.  Fresh, mixed in with other lettuce or steamed.  I prefer eating beet greens fresh over steaming them but the latter is a good alternative for limp beet leaves.  You will get limp leaves if you leave the beet leaves outside attached to the beet or do not get them in the fridge for storage right away.

If you are eating beets fresh in a salad, I recommend using balsamic vinaigrette as a compliment.  The taste of balsamic vinaigrette and beet leaves mixed in with other types of lettuce will make you think you are eating at a five star restaurant.  The only difference is your salad will cost you under 10 cents compared to 10 dollars!

If you are steaming your beet greens, I recommend cooking the greens for about five minutes.  The longer you cook the greens the mushier they will get.  I prefer mine steamed just enough to soften the greens up.  When the greens are done, I sprinkle an Asian type of seasoning on the greens.  The beet greens are very good prepared this way as well.

The greens going into the pot.



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