Cooking beets on the grill

After the article I did on cooking carrots on the grill, I started to wonder what other root crops would turn out as good on the grill.  Luckily for me, I didn't have to ponder that question for long.  As I was doing my best "thinking man" impersonation, ten feet from my grill were about 50 mature beets.

I know what you are probably thinking.  Beets, are you serious?  Beets taste like dirt.  I know, I used to think the same thing.  I despise slimy canned beets from the store.  I am also not a fan of beets on a greek salad.  So why did I even try growing beets?  You will find out in a future article....

Back to grilling beets.  Grilled beets are awesome.  If you read my article on grilling carrots, you will remember how surprised I was that grilled carrots turned out so well.  Grilled beets turn out better.  I wish I could describe the way grilled beets taste but it is a taste that is hard to describe.  They are definitely tasty though.

The first step in cooking beets on the grill is securing the main product.  The beets.  I grew the beets I grilled in my own suburban garden but fresh beets from anywhere will work.  Once you have the beets, slice the beets in thin slices.  Doing this will allow the thin beet slices to cook faster on the grill.

Sliced beets

Once the beets are cut into thin slices, it is time to season them.  The first step in seasoning beets is to brush the beets with olive oil (You could also add Pam if you prefer).  Once the beets have been brushed or sprayed, add the seasoning of your choice.  I used my homemade basil but anything will work.

Basil and beets

Once the beets have been seasoned, it is time to put them on the grill.  Before doing this, make sure you heat your grill up to at least 400 degrees.  You want to hear the beets sizzle when they go on the grill.  One thing you have to watch for when cooking beets on the grill is that they do not fall through the grates.  I use a store-bough grate to make sure this doesn't happen.

Lay out the beets in one layer.

Once the beets are on the grill, char them on each side to give them that good cooked on the grill taste.  To do this, cook each side of the beet for about 5 minutes.  Once both sides of the beet have been browned, put them in a pile to cook further.  I have found that piling the beets up minimizes the chance of burning the beets on the outside and under cooking them on the inside.

I added a venison brat to top of the meal!

Once the beets are piled up, let them cook for about ten minutes or until they reach the consistency that you want.  The longer the beets cook the softer they will become.



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