How to marinade venison

How to marinade venison?  Good question.  Pretty much any marinade will work well with venison but everybody has their favorites.  If I am marinating venison, I like to do it as cheap as possible.  I have tried quite a few different recipes but have settled on two that I like.

The first marinade I use is for when I want to marinate backstraps and the other is when I am making jerky.  My recipes are very simple.  They probably would be beat by a world class chef but they are dirt cheap to make and taste great in my book.

The first recipe for when I am making backstraps is two tablespoons of basil (I use homemade).  Two or three squirts of lemon cooking juice.  One tablespoon of olive oil and then just enough balsamic vinaigrette to cover the meat.  I slice my backstrap meat into thin medallions so you do not have to use that much.  Sounds simple eh?  This marinade is very tasty.

The next recipe is one that I use when making jerky.  This recipe is pretty much like the one I use for marinating backstraps but it has two additional items.  Soy sauce and water.  To make my marinade for jerky, use two or three squirts of lemon cooking juice, one tablespoon of olive oil, two tablespoons of basil,  two or three squirts of balsamic vinaigrette, two tablespoons of soy sauce.

If you are making a small batch, I would stop at those ingredients (one or two pounds).  You could also increase the ingredients if you are making a bigger batch.  I am cheap though.  I usually make a four pound batch so the above ingredients do not cover.

That is where the water comes in.  I put enough water in to get the mixture above the meat in the bowl.  Once this is done, shake everything and let the mixture set over-night.  The water may seem like it defeats the purpose by thinning out the mixture but I have never heard anybody complain about my jerky!

Feel free to try either one of these recipes out the next time you want to make a cheap venison marinade.  I would love to hear how it turned out for you!

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