Cooking carrots on the grill

One of the best things about summer is definitely grilling outside.  When you have a garden, grilling is that much more fun.  I have tried grilling many different things outside on the grill but my new favorite is carrots.  Who would have thought that a grilled carrot would be good but they are.

Carrots (especially home-grown ones) cooked on the grill come out great.  The carrots have that grilled taste but are also very sweet.  Cooking carrots on the grill does not take as long as one would think.  In fact, carrots take the same amount of time as most other veggies.

The trick that I have learned with cooking carrots on the grill is to cook them under high heat for a bit to char them and then continue to cook them under low heat.  This isn't really a trick because a good grill-master pretty much does this with everything but with carrots it seems to be even more important.

To start cooking carrots on the grill, I usually start with five or six medium sized carrots.  I haven't skinned them before mainly out of laziness but skinning them might be worth a try.  My theory is the skin helps the carrot not burn but maybe they would taste even better without the skin.  Let me know if you try it.

This will feed three or four people as a side item

Once the carrots are washed, I cut them into thin slices.  I like to try to get them as thin as possible because the thinner carrots cook faster than a thicker cut carrot.  

These carrots are ready for seasoning.

Once the carrots are sliced, the next step is to season them.  Before you season, drizzle the carrots with olive oil so the seasoning sticks.  Once this is done, add a seasoning of your choice.  As many of you know, I love basil so you know what I use to season my carrots but any spice would work.  I have tried thyme, oregano, basil.

Ready to go!

Once the carrots are seasoned, they are ready for the grill.  I like to make sure my grill is around 400 degrees before adding the carrots.  Like I said before, the trick is to char them over a hot spot.  I grill my carrots on each side for two or three minutes before moving them to a cooler spot.  This gives the carrots a great grilled taste.

Charring the carrots

Once the grilled carrots are browned, move them to a cooler spot.  Continue to cook the carrots until they are done to your taste.  The longer the carrots cooked the softer they will be.  Once the carrots are cooked to your liking, pull them off and serve.


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