Walleye and black beans

This spring, I was lucky enough to get a few meals of walleye for the dinner plate.  Since I had more fish than I normally do, I decided to branch out a little.  A guy can only prepare fish the same way so many times.  One night I decided to get creative and whipped up some walleye and black beans.

Please be aware, this did not look appetizing at all (it looks worse on the pictures) but it tasted great.  In fact, it looked so bad my wife and mother in law would not touch it.  Oh well, more for me.  Talk about a power meal though!  The black beans and walleye was a low fat meal that was loaded with protein.

If you are interested in making walleye and black beans, I strongly urge you to do so.  I used homemade black beans that I started from dry beans but a can of black beans will do just as well.  I prefer homemade obviously because my black beans have a kick plus they are dirt cheap to prepare from dry beans.

Other than the black beans and walleye, I used some seasoning salt, basil and cooking spray.  If this sounds good to you, check out the following pictures detailing the steps I did when make walleye and black beans.  Like I said before though... do not judge this dish by looks alone.  I even admit it looks less than appetizing but man did it taste good!

Walleye and black beans

Homemade black beans
Seasoning salt, homemade basil, cooking spray
spray the fillets and add the seasonings
mix in the black beans as the walleye finishes up
There she is.  Man was it tasty!

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