Spring walleye recap

The great thing about Michigan is every season brings something new to the table.  Upset ice fishing is over?  Spring walleye is here which leads to walleye fishing in the lakes to fall walleye fishing to hunting back to ice fishing.  How could anybody get bored living in Michigan?
 My spring walleye recap

My first trip was on the Trenton Channel which I hate fishing because of all the snags but the reports were the fish were there.  I caught only one fish but saw a few nets dipping around me.  The fish I caught was an appx 24 inch spawned out female.

First walleye of the year!

The next weekend I decided to launch out of the mid-river portion of the Detroit river out of Wyandotte.  My cousin came down to fish with me and we had plans for fishing Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.  Saturday afternoon brought 20 mile per hour winds with it but we decided to go anyways.

The fishing was real tricky at first but as the wind died down we started hooking fish.  The bite was light that night but I was able to land a nice eater and then my cousin got bit by the biggest fish he has ever caught.  In under 15 feet of water, he landed a nine pound walleye.  This fish was a hog but was actually pretty typical of the beasts they have been pulling out this year on the D.  The spring walleye fishing on the Detroit river in 2013 definitely created a few jobs for local taxidermists to say the least.

Modeling with my cousin's fish.

The next morning we woke up early and hit the mid-river again at 6 am.  I could not believe the boats out there but most anglers were picking up fish.  My cousin and I caught 4 fish and lost a few more at the boat.  It was a great day to be on the river although we saw snow fly!  I am pretty sure we would have caught our limit that day but the day was cut short for other obligations at home.

Mid-river walleye

The following weekend I took off because of a wedding but I was back at it last weekend.  My father in law came down for some spring walleye fishing but we pretty much struck out.  We hit the St. Clair river on Saturday night but the river was blown out because of all the rain.  We were able to pick up one walleye and talked to a few anglers at one spot that had 6.  We decided to call it a night even though we were in a spot that seemed to be producing fish in favor of news of pizza my wife had picked up.

The next morning we hit the mighty D again but the odds again were not in our favor.  We thought we were going to really hook the fish after hearing the reports from the previous day while waiting to launch but that wasn't the case.  I landed one fish that day and a few silver bass but most of the other guys seemed to be doing the same.  We only saw probably 4 or 5 nets go in that day although I am sure a couple seasoned pros limited out.  The water was pretty dirty but fishable. 

My last time out was my best of the year.  I had a vacation day lined up on a weekday and decided to hit the St. Clair river in Algonac.  I was anxious to try the spot we talked to the guys that had 6 fish in the boat right before we left on Saturday.  I hit the launch at 6 am with high hopes.  I started jigging the area from the night before and had a fish on within five minutes.  Unfortunately it was a sucker but I kept it because my daughter's main rule when I go fishing is to bring home fish.  For this reason, I usually keep the first legal fish I catch because you never know if you will get another one.  Fortunately for me, that wasn't the case that day.

After catching the sucker, I picked up two nice eater walleye on that same drift.  I was in for a good day.  I hooked a few more that were lost on the way up which might have been snagged because I had scales on my hook after the misses.  After that, I had another one on but lost it right at the boat.

This fish was caught on the stinger hook only which was tied on to the main hook because it had been snapped off on an earlier trip and was my only one left.  True to form, the fish was at the boat basically in the net and the stinger popped off the main-line dumping the fish out of the net back in to the water. 

After that miss, I decided to hit another spot that I have had luck in before because by this time the boat traffic was getting heavy in that spot.  On my first drift, I hooked into a fish and lost it.  I then hooked another one and landed it.  After putting that fish in the livewell, I dropped my lure back down and caught one on the drop which was a new feat for me.  I was now at four fish and had about a half hour to go before I had to leave.

I drifted through that spot a few more times unsuccesfully so I decided to go back to the original spot.  The boats had thinned out by this point so I figured I would try it once more.  After five minutes I had the fifth fish in the boat.  Right after I caught that one my wife called wondering when I was coming home.  I told her I needed to get my last fish so it would be at least 45 minutes until I was home. 

My wife seemed okay with that time frame so I had about 15 minutes to fish to have time to load the boat and drive home in the allotted time.  Unfortunately, I could not make it happen although I did stretch it out to about 20 minutes.  Even though I did not get my limit, I had a great day!

almost a limit

Good luck if you get out there!

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