Preserving peppers by freezing

Last year I was lucky to have an over-abundance of peppers.  I made salsa.  I sliced them and ate them fresh on salads.  I grilled them on the grill.  I gave them away to neighbors.  I saved some for drying.  I basically did everything a guy could do with a pepper and still had a bunch.  Preserving peppers by freezing seemed like the next logical step.

I am not a fan of letting things go to waste so I decided to preserve some peppers by freezing them to see how they turned out.  Seemed like a good idea.  I freeze most other things so why wouldn't peppers work?  I could put a bunch in a freezer bag and then pull out the amount I required for the specific situation.  I could save space in the freezer and not let anything go to waste.

What I found out was that I was right to a certain extent but freezing peppers comes with one drawback.  The pepper itself become mushy.  This is a common problem when it comes to freezing other types of soft veggies and peppers are no different.

Even though freezing peppers causes them to turn mushy, freezing a few is worth it in my opinion.  You just need to make sure your expectations are in line.  In other words, don't pump yourself up to bite in to a crisp pepper when your frozen pepper thaws.

Thawed out peppers that were frozen.

Another thing to note when freezing peppers is that they seem to lose a little kick in terms of heat.  This could be a good or bad thing depending on your tastes.  I had some really hot peppers that were almost too hot to enjoy fresh but they are awesome frozen.  The flavor of the pepper comes out without the kick.

I cooked quite a few stews and soups using frozen peppers.  Cutting up frozen peppers can be a challenge though!  Cutting into a mushy pepper makes a sound like you are releasing air but it can be done.  Next year, I am going to trial chopping the peppers in slices to see if that works better.

Another meal I cooked with frozen jalapenos was jalapeno poppers like you get in the store.  I cooked the poppers with cheese and breading in the oven and they turned out great.  My wife and I were a little skeptical on how the mushy peppers would turn out.  We were surprised when we bit in to them though!  Cooking these tasty treats in the oven made the mushy peppers very crispy.

Frozen peppers

After freezing peppers, I am pretty sure there are better ways to preserve peppers but freezing is probably one of the easiest and guaranteed methods.  As long as you realize what you will get with the end product, freezing peppers is worth it in my opinion.

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