The Wyandotte boat launch

Yesterday I launched at the Wyandotte boat launch for the first time.  This was sort of a mini accomplishment for me because this launch is one of the busier ones in the Metro Detroit area and a little intimidating for a new boat owner.  

My successful launch this morning makes me think I am starting to know what I am doing.  Although I did get yelled at for double parking my vehicle....  Hey, its my wife's vehicle and the two cars next to me were hugging the line! 

When I first bought my boat, I read stories on the fishing forums talking about long back ups and complaints about rookie boat launchers.  That last party pretty much summed me up to a tee!  Fast forward three years and I am still not a absolute pro at launching my boat but I can usually get the job done in under five minutes.

The Wyandotte boat launch does get busy.  There were six boats in line in front of me this morning when I arrived at six and at least seventy five when I left at 10:30.  I would hate to see that amount of boats all get off at once but the ramp seems to flow pretty good.

The Wyandotte boat launch has a few older gentleman that work at the ramp who are good at getting the launch moving.  They will pick you up in their golf cart after you launch or drop you off when you return.  This really helps speed up the process.

The golf cart rides are also a chance for them to give a little constructive criticism as demonstrated in the chewing I received for double parking.  Oh well, you learn something new every day.  I will make sure I remember not to do that next time.

More about the launch.  The Wyandotte boat launch has 2 ramps with access to launch and retrieve on both sides of the docks.  They have a bait shop right on site that has jigs, plastics and minnows.  The launch is in a good area and anglers can be confident their truck and trailer will be in one piece when they return.  Unless they double park again maybe....

The cost to launch at the Wyandotte boat launch for non-residents is seven dollars and five for residents.  The hours of operation at the Wyandotte boat launch seemed to be 6 am to 8 pm but I did not ask.  This is my assumption based on observation.

The launch had employees there at 6 am when we arrived but did not have anybody there at 9 pm the previous night when we left.  They did not have any gates up so I do not know if you could launch there late at night or not.

All in all, the Wyandotte boat launch was a pretty good experience.  I definitely would not hesitate to use the launch again.

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