Ice fishing Lake Saint Clair Metro Park

I have ice fished Lake Saint Clair Metro Park in Metro Detroit many times over the past few years but last weekend was the best time I have had fishing there.  Did I hammer the fish?  Nope, I didn't even catch a keeper.  My daughter caught four keepers though and that is the reason it was so fun.

I have waited the past five years to be able to take my daughter out ice fishing and last weekend we were finally able to get out when she was been old enough to catch fish.  I have taken her before but she was too young to do much more than watch me fish or play with the fish.  We still had fun though....

I wanted to take her last year but I was only able to get out twice on Lake Saint Clair and the ice conditions were not safe enough for a four year old.  This year the ice conditions still haven't been spectacular but we have had enough cold weather to form some pretty descent ice around the Geno/Metro park area.

Once I heard the ice was around 6-7 inches thick, it was time to go on our ice fishing trip.  We decided to go out on a Saturday to scout out a few locations and then we were going to put in some time on a Sunday to catch some fish.

On Saturday, we went to Fairhaven because I heard the water clarity was clear there but unfortunately it was not clear enough to see bottom.  We only caught a few fish that day so the decision the next day was to go to Metro Beach or Lake Saint Clair Metro park as it is called nowadays.

If any of you have fished Lake Saint Clair Metro Park, you know it is a great spot to take kids.  The access to the lake is close to where the fish are.  The ice usually stays pretty thick all winter long.  There are millions of perch in the bay.  Unfortunately, the millions of perch are mostly what we refer to as dinks around here but every once in awhile a school of jumbos come through.

I have had some great days at Metro beach, but my trip there last Sunday will be one I always remember.  My daughter caught her first perch.  She baited her own hook.  She learned how to set the hook when a fish bites.  She even took the jig out of a perch's mouth.  Something I struggled to do until I was 20.....

Here are some pics from the day.

First fish


another keeper

baiting hook

trying to get jig out of fish's mouth

I think she is ready for fishing on the boat this year!

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