My best ice fishing jigs

Since there is not any safe ice on the lake, I might as well tell you about my best ice fishing jigs.  I mainly target perch so most of the ice fishing jigs mentioned will be best for perch but they will catch all other types of panfish and the bigger versions will catch walleyes.

My first favorite ice fishing jig is the fat boy lure.  I don't know what manufacture makes this jig but it can be found in most local bait-shops as well as almost all of the big box chains.  What I like most about the fatboy jig is the action.  You barely have to twitch your rod and this lure will bring in the fish.  The fatboy lure is a horizontal jig that mimics a bait-fish when tipped with a minnow tail/plastic/waxworm.  My favorite color is white but have had luck with green and glow yellow.

My next favorite jig for ice fishing is the Ken's spoon.  This one is a local lure from the Metro Detroit area.  The Ken's spoon ranks high in my tackle box because it also has great action like the fatboy lure.  I like to tip this spoon with a red jensen egg or a minnow head.  A ken's spoon is a vertical positioned lure so when the fish aren't hitting a fatboy odds are a Ken's spoon will do the trick.  My favorite color is pink but green and white also work well.

My third favorite jig and my favorite is a jigging rap made by Rapala.  This bait can be found anywhere merchants sell fishing lures and also works well in the summer vertical jigging (if you can afford to lose them!).  Jigging raps are my favorite because when the day is right and the fish are hitting the Rapala the action can be non-stop.  The weird thing about the jigging rap is I either slam the fish or do not get a single bite.  I also only use this jig when sight-fishing or using electronics because I rarely catch fish when I am fishing with one blind.

My fourth favorite jig which isn't really a lure but more of a set-up is a good ole fashioned red hook and white bead.  I decided to add this one because with all the jig overload out there nowadays this method gets overlooked.  To try this set-up, simply put a small white bead like the size used in slip bobbers above a red hook appropriate for the size of fish you are going for (small fish smaller hook).  Once you do that, add a bit of weight 10-12 inches up the line and tip the hook with a wax-worm/minnow/wiggler.  Let the hook set an inch of the bottom and wait for fish.  The small fish will come in and look at the/bite the bead (or sometimes the sinker) but the big boys will slam the hook.

My last favorite jig is any small lure made of tungsten.  I love using tungsten jig when the bite is off or light because you can rig up a very small jig and still get the kind of action from a bigger lure.  Tungsten weighs more than lead so a small lure made of tungsten will sink faster have better action than a similar lure made of lead.  The color doesn't really matter or the manufacture for me when it comes to tungsten but a tip is to rig a rod up with a tungsten jig before you go.  The size of the tungsten jigs can be very small and sometimes rigging line through one on the ice can be a difficult task.

That wraps up my list of my best ice fishing jigs.  Hopefully mother nature cooperates one of these days and I will be able to get out and use them!

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