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It feels like forever since I have completed a post but with all the projects I tried to complete this spring/summer, I have had a hard time finding time.  It has been a hectic spring/summer to say the least!  With all of my projects going, I barely had time to fish let alone blog.... 

The bad news is my posts dropped off but my deck is stained, my garden is planted, my freezer has walleye in it so now it is time to start posting again.  The good news is, although I have not been posting, I have still been trying to think like a Metro Pioneer... somebody has to do it! 

One of the things I have been thinking about a lot lately is supporting Michigan products.  As many of you know, I live in the great state of Michigan.  As many of you know as well, the great state of Michigan is not doing as great as it once was.

Even though the state of Michigan still has more to offer than any other state, we all need to start doing a better job supporting it.  One of the things I love about Michigan is the rich history that our state has to offer as well as the pride that most of us take in knowing our forefathers were some of the hardest working people in the country.

We cannot let this history die with our generation.  We need to preserve our great land so our children can marvel at the things we accomplished.  To start doing this AGAIN, we need to start thinking about Michigan with every purchase we make.  You may not be able to buy a Michigan product with every purchase you make but you can involve Michigan in some way by thinking like I try to do with every purchase.

Take picking out a veggie to eat for dinner for example.  I would first think of buying from a local road side stand, if you can't find one, shop at a locally owned mom/pop shop, if the quality is not there, shop at a big box (Meijer preferably) but pick something grown in Michigan.

This same thinking works with everything.  If you can't find it local, at least try to find a product produced by a Michigan company.  Examples of this... picking Meijer over Wal-mart, Kellogs over General Mills, Faygo over Pepsi, Better made chips over Lays, Coffee beanery over Starbucks... this list goes on and the quality is the same if not better.

The next time you are about to go out and buy something, try thinking the way I do before you make your purchase.  You won't always buy Michigan but you will realize there are many Michigan products out there waiting for you.

If you can't hunt/catch/grow/make it, you might as well buy it from Michigan!

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