Replacing a fuel filter

Do not waste money having an engine repair shop replace your fuel filter for you this year.  Replacing a fuel filter is a very simple task that anybody can do.  I don't consider myself very mechanically inclined but I was able to change my fuel filter on my Yamaha outboard in under 20 minutes.  I was amazed how simple it was.

The first step in changing your fuel filter is getting a new one.  To do this, consult the manual that came with the outboard and order one on-line or go to your nearest dealer to pick one up.  The dealer by my house simply looked up my engine year and size and I had my filter in minutes.

The next step in changing your fuel filter is removing the old one.  To do this, you should make sure that all the fuel has been run out of the lines as best as possible.  After you run the fuel out, you will need to separate the two fuel lines from the filter.   There may be some fuel left in the filter so be careful when removing it.

To remove the lines from the filter, you will first have to remove the clamps that are holding the lines onto the filter.  On my motor, I had little metal O's holding the fuel lines on but you may have something else. 

These bad boys need to come off

Once the clamps are off, you need to separate the filter from the lines.  This part can be a little tricky but with the help of a straight blade screw driver you should be able to get them off.  If you still cannot pry them lose, you can cut the lines.  Only use this option if you have extra line to play with though.

Lines should pop off once they clear the raised part of the filter

Once the lines are separated, it is time to put the new fuel filter on.  *** important *** make sure the fuel filter is facing in the right direction.  All fuel filters will have some sort of indicator to show you which way the fuel needs to flow.  Most of the times, it is an arrow which will need to point toward the motor.  Make sure you install it the correct way or you will have issues.

This was the old filter but you can see the arrow on it if you look closely

After the fuel line is installed, you will need to tighten down the clamps holding it in place and you are good to go.  Replacing a fuel line is as easy as that!   

cake walk!

Hopefully this tutorial will show you how easy it is to change your fuel filter on your outboard and you will save a few bucks this year!  Feel free to comment below if you try to tackle the task on your own. 

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