Sprucing up the backyard

With the recent warm temperatures we have been experiencing, my thoughts have shifted from hoping we are going to get an ice fishing season to spring walleye and sprucing up the backyard.  Unfortunately, the walleyes aren't quite ready to start running so my main focus is on things like trimming the shrubs and installing patio paving.

I guess one of the good things about this warm weather is instead of ice fishing I can get some work done before the spring walleye run starts.  I have a few projects I would like to complete this spring and thought it might be interesting to share them and hopefully get some ideas from you guys.

Spring Projects 2012

My first project is to set-up a fireplace area in my yard.  I am thinking of getting some patio paving like the stuff from the website Installitdirect.com. I found these while surfing the Internet and they would look pretty nice in my backyard.  I was thinking about making a square in my yard using these with a couple chairs and a fireplace in the middle.

The second project I want to complete is a sun-break on my deck.  I bought one last year from a big box chain thinking it would last for a few years until I could build something permanant.  Big mistake, it was in a pile on the deck within two months!   Lets just say, the permanent structure has moved up the priority list. 

The third project is one that I started last year and will not get completed this year but I hope to put a dent in it.  Last year, I decided to turn my backyard into a suburban garden (more to come on this later) and hope to have over half done this year.   I will be making another post describing this one but the idea is basically to incorporate gardening into a livable backyard.  Pretty cool stuff!

After these projects, I need to stain the deck, prep the gardens I do have, rabbit proof the yard.... the list goes on.

As you can see, I have my work cut out for me but I am sure with some direct supervision from my wife I can pull all of this work off!  Feel free to comment below on your projects you are tackling this spring.  I would love to hear what some of you are trying to tackle.


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