Saginaw bay fishing reports

From the emails I have been receiving, it sounds like a lot of you liked the posts I did on fishing reports for the Detroit river and Lake Saint Clair so I decided to do one about Saginaw Bay.  The following article will focus on the best websites for somebody looking for a Saginaw bay fishing report.

Unfortunately, I personally do not get a chance to fish Saginaw Bay that often but my brother and father in law fish the bay frequently.  They both have a lot of experience on the bay so I asked them to help me compile a list of resources they check before hitting the bay.

I am sure most of you have heard the saying that 10 percent of the fisherman catch 90 percent of the fish.  How do these elite fisherman get that way?  Do they have some sort of gene passed down from generation to generation helping them lift a jig perfectly or an internal GPS of some sort?  This may be the case with a few but most of the time it is simply knowing where the fish are.

I once heard a successful walleye fisherman say he doesn't use a fish finder on his boat, he simply makes a few calls before hitting the water.  Most of the time, he is on fish.  Unfortunately, most of us don't have a phone list of charter boat captains so we need to do the best we can.

This is where this article will hopefully help you out.  All of the sites listed will give general info on depth, bait color and tactics.  You will still have to catch the fish for yourself but hopefully you will pick up a tip or two to help you hone in on the fish.

Resources to check before fishing Saginaw Bay

Michigan Sportsman Saginaw bay forum- The only site to hit all three of my lists making it the premier site for fishing reports in the state of Michigan.

Frank's great outdoors fishing reports - a store's website that has periodic reports from charter boat captains.  Most of the time the posts are generic but usually list water depth and tactics.

Linwood beach website- A local marina's website that usually has pretty good info on depth and bait choice.

Trophy Specialist's website- A charter boat captain's site that actually has some pretty descriptive reports of some of his trips.  He doesn't always fish Saginaw bay but when he does his site is worth a look.

Buc's Northern Michigan Facebook page- A Facebook page with periodic reports about the bay.  The guys fish other areas up north more but fish the bay periodically.

Saginaw Bay walleye fishing - Another charter captain site that has pretty good info during the summer.

Saginaw Bay area fishing report- A nice site for all times of the year.  The site features a report section from capt. Dan plus a forum for users to discuss reports.

This concludes my list of resources for fishing Saginaw Bay.  Please feel free to comment in the section below if you know of any more that you would like added to this list.



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