Lower unit oil change

The spring fishing should be starting up anytime so it is time to get those boats ready.  You may be thinking it is still early and you have time but would you rather be thinking about hog walleye in a couple of weeks or changing the oil in your lower unit?  I'm voting for hog walleye.

One of the first things that you should do to get your boat ready is giving your boat a lower unit oil change.  I actually recommend draining the oil in the fall before you put the boat away but everybody has their own preference.

If you drain the oil in the fall, you do not have to worry about the lower unit cracking if for some reason water mixed in with the oil.  If you do this, make sure you remember to actually add oil in the spring.  That could be just as bad!

I have a Yamaha outboard so I will go over the steps to change the oil in mine but most motors should be pretty close.  Please note, the way I change mine works for me but always consult your owner's manual before trying this on your own.  This post is by no means a step by step tutorial for your individual motor.

Changing the oil on the lower unit of a Yamaha outboard

If you have not drained the oil, you will need to do so.  To do this, there should be two spots on your motor that you need to remove the screws from.  My motor needs a straight bladed screwdriver to remove the screws but all motors are probably different.  Make sure to have something to catch the oil in or you will have a mess on your hands.  Also, both screws need to be out for the oil to actually start draining.

You can use a straw to help move the oil down if the temps are cold

Once the oil is drained, it is time to add oil.  When filling the lower unit of the boat with oil, you have to squeeze the oil up to the top.  The oil recommended for your boat should be in a squeeze bottle to assist in this process or you can buy a tool to transfer oil if it is not.

You may have to give the can a good squeeze, remove it from the hole, push the air out and then insert it back in.

To make sure the unit is filled with oil properly, keep adding oil until it starts coming out of the top hole.  Once it does this, you will need to insert both screws into the holes they came from and you are good to go.  Changing your lower unit oil is as simple as that!

You can see where the oil started oozing out.

Make sure to dispose of oil properly.  We do not need any more pollution in our lakes and rivers.

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