Detroit River fishing reports

I have received a lot of emails from people saying they liked my article about fishing reports for Lake Saint Clair so I decided to write one about the sites I check for fishing reports on the Detroit river.  Hopefully, these sites will help you out as much as they have helped me. 

The Detroit river like Lake Saint Clair is an awesome fishery.  Many people do not realize this but the Detroit river is one of the top five fisheries in the US for spring walleye.  In the spring, there are millions of fish swimming through the river.

You would think with that amount of fish crossing from Lake Erie to Lake Saint Clair that a limit of walleye would be automatic but it is not that easy.  Anglers still have to be in the right place at the right time using the right baits.

This might not be too hard of a task if we could all fish every day but unfortunately most of us are "weekend warriors".  You may only get one attempt every other week to catch that ten pounder so why not go out armed with as much info as possible?

That is where these sites come in to play.  If you keep up on these sites religiously, you will become a better fisherman.  I am not going to say you are going to limit out every time but you will become more informed and that sometimes is the most important part.

Sources I check for info on the Detroit River

Michigan Sportsman Detroit River/Lake Erie page- This site is invaluable to new and experienced anglers.

Lake Saint Clair fishing reports forum- Not quite as good as Michigan sportsman but pretty close.

Downriver walleye federation- Another great website- check out the reports plus the article section.

Tight Line Tackle- Check out the report page for reports from a charter boat captain and angler's digest for tips on how to fish.

Walleye kid- Another good site with a report section that looks like they are improving for 2012.

Michigan DNR site- pretty vague most of the time but worth mentioning.

Longcast guide service- sporadic posts but usually pretty good info.

BP Station at 9 Mile in St. Clair Shores- Jackie is usually pretty up to date on the dirty D.

That concludes my list of resources I check for Detroit river fishing reports.  Feel free to bookmark this page to make it easier to check them come mid march.

Also, please share with me any sites you check out that I didn't mention.  I am always looking for new info to help me catch that next trophy.

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