Pheasant stuffing

If you are looking to make some comfort food with that pheasant you have in the freezer, check out this recipe for making pheasant stuffing.  My dad prepared this at a hunting camp a few years back and it was a big success with all the guys.

Pheasant stuffing is really simple to make, tastes great and cheap to prepare.  All you need to make pheasant stuffing is a pheasant, some stove-top stuffing, ingredients to make homemade gravy and that is about it.

To start the pheasant stuffing, you should cook a pheasant the way I described in my article on how to make pheasant soup.  Check out the article if you forgot how but basically you cook the pheasant in four quarts of water over the stove.

Once the pheasant is cooked, take apart the meat from the bones, throw away the bones and keep the broth.  To make the stuffing, follow the directions on a box of stove top or make your own if you have a good recipe ( I should but don't ) but instead of water substitute the pheasant broth.

The secret recipe... pheasant broth!

I made one box of stuffing so I used about half of the broth from cooking the pheasant.  Make sure to freeze the balance of the broth to make homemade gravy or pheasant noodle soup someday.  This may sound a little overboard to most but with chicken broth costing a couple bucks a can you will be glad you saved it.

Finished stuffing

Once the stuffing is made, mix in the meat that you pulled off the pheasant bones.  Depending on how meaty you want your stuffing, use all the meat or just a little.  I used about 3/4's of the meat from my pheasant (froze the rest with the broth) and I thought that was about the perfect amount.

Pheasant meat going in

Once you add the pheasant meat, mix everything up and then put it in a pan to go in the oven.  Once this step is complete, put some homemade gravy on top of the pheasant stuffing and cook it in the oven for 10-15 minutes or until pheasant stuffing starts to get a little crusty on the sides.

How good does that look?


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