Lake Saint Clair fishing reports

Lake Saint Clair can be a great fishery if you are on top of fish or a boring one if you are not.  I have heard of anglers pulling up fifteen inch perch, six pound smallmouth, and forty plus pound muskie on Lake Saint Clair but have heard just as many stories about empty buckets.

So where does a novice fisherman go for advice on fishing Lake Saint Clair?  Over the course of a few years, I have found many resources to help with this question.  Bait-shops are always good but you have to pick the right one.  Some bait-shops will help you out but most will tell you their backyard holds the most fish in the lake.

Anglers can also find out a lot of info on-line.  These days, fisherman can check out on-line fishing forums, blogs like this one, or Facebook pages to check out where others are having luck.  On these sites, people will post where they caught fish, how and with what bait.  Some will even give GPS coordinates.  How awesome is that! 

To help out the beginning fisherman, I have put together a list of my favorite resources for fishing reports on Lake Saint Clair.  Feel free to bookmark this page so you don't have to have separate bookmarks for each site.

Michigan Sportsman ice fishing page
Michigan Sportsman warm water page.
Lake Saint Clair fishing reports Great Lakes forum - helpful if you fish in Canada
Kevin Long's fishing report - local guide who posts in the summer (primarily for bass)
Fish on with John- this is a facebook page of a guy who fishes a lot in Metro Detroit- Like his site to follow
Captain Dan's fishing report- phone number to automated number.
Another shop that I have a lot of faith in is the new shop by Crocker called Sportsman Direct- call them for reports at (586) 741-6052. 

If you are a fan of Lake Saint Clair, check out some of these resources the next time you go out.  They might help you have the fishing trip of a lifetime.


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