Loading a muzzleloader

If you love hunting and do not own a muzzleloader, I strongly suggest buying one.  A muzzleloader is a must have in every hunter's arsenal because it is a season extender.  Who doesn't want that?  Two and a half weeks of gun season is definitely not enough for me.

Unfotunately, many hunters do not purchase a muzzleloader because they think they are hard to use or utilize old technology.  Most of these hunters do not know that modern in-line muzzleloaders are just as accurate if not more accurate than the good ole slug gun.

In fact, most hunters that I know that own a muzzleloader use it as their primary gun.  The added benefits of using a muzzleloader over a shotgun are added distance plus less kick.  The only downfall that I can think of is the inability to shoot multiple times but really you should only need one shot right?

To show how easy it is to load a muzzleloader, I have put together the following tutorial:

*** The tutorial I have put together is how I load my muzzleloader make sure to read your owners manual on how to load your specific muzzleloader before doing it yourself. ***

There are 3 main things that make a muzzleloader shoot.  Black powder, the bullet and the primer. (the fourth item is a powder measuring device) 

When the shooter pulls the trigger, the hammer of the gun makes the primer go off which lights the black powder which makes the bullet fly.  I am sure there are more scientific examples but that should work for the mechanically challenged (myself).

Now that you know how a muzzleloader works, I will show you how to load one.  The first thing that the shooter needs to do is add the black-powder.  You may think the primer goes first because that is what gets the process started but that is actually last ( the primer should only go in when the hunter is ready to shoot).

Put in the exact same amount of powder each time

After the black powder is in the barrel, next comes the bullet.  This may sound stupid but make sure to visualize which way the bullet needs to come out when inserting it into the barrel.  Once the bullet is seated in the barrel, use a loading ball to help the bullet on its path down the barrel.

Using the ball to push down the bullet

Once the bullet is in the barrel as far as it will go using the ball, take your ramrod and push the bullet down the rest of the way.  One important thing to remember is the bullet should always be all the way down in the barrel.  A simple trick to make sure this happens is to notch a mark on your ramrod.  This way you will always know how far down you need to push the bullet.

Make sure to always push down to the same spot

Once the bullet is in place, you are ready to hunt.  Check your regulations but in some states you can actually transport a muzzleloader with the bullet and powder in.

Now that your muzzleloader is loaded the only thing left to do is add the primer.  Like I said before, the primer should only be added once you are in your stand and 100 percent ready for the hunt.  You do not want to cut any corners and risk having an accident.

Adding the primer is the easiest part of the whole equation.  To do it, simply open up the gun to access the breach plug and pop in the primer.  This part can become a little trickier on cold days but you can buy a tool to help make it easier.

Ready to rock

As you can see, loading a muzzleloader is as simple as that.  There is nothing tricky about loading them.  Hopefully this article will help you decide that muzzleloading is right for you.  Muzzleloaders are not only season extenders but are a joy to shoot. 

Make sure to check out my next article about cleaning them.

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