How to convince your wife to try venison

Most woman do not care for venison.  I am sure there are some out there that like it but my experience is most hate it.  Don't ask me where this hatred for what some call the purest protein out there came from but it is most definitely there.

Most woman claim venison is gamey or gross to eat.  Growing up, they probably had a bad encounter with a swamp buck there old man shot or maybe they watched Bambi too much.  Whatever the reason is, somewhere down the road they figured out they didn't like it.  The challenging part for a hunter is changing their mind.

Most of us know changing your wife's mind is not a walk in the park but most hunters became hunters for a reason.  They like a challenge.  If you thought that ten point hanging on your wall made you a stud, you are not a true hunting hero until your wife takes her first bite of venison stew.  To successfully convince your wife to try venison is an accomplish like no other.

If you are still reading this, (most probably aren't man enough to click on this article let alone finish it) and you think you are still up to the challenge, I will share with you a couple things that helped me conquer the non-venison eater in my house.  Through years of persistent work, my wife will actually eat venison on occasion.  

Before I share with you what to do, I will talk about what not to do.  You should never trick your wife into eating venison.  This may work for your kids or an unsuspecting neighbor but tricking the wife should never be an option.  Don't get me wrong, it will probably work.  It just doesn't accomplish what we are trying to do.

What do you think the odds are that your wife will take to venison after your trick?  She will probably never touch the stuff again just to prove a point.  Rookie mistake made by amateurs.   This is the equivalent of keeping a limit of undersized perch or shooting a button buck.  Don't do it.

To convince your wife to eat venison, you have to attack from multiple angles.  The trick is to be persistent and bring up any of the following points when given the opportunity.  It may take you ten years like me but you probably didn't kill a wall-hanger your first time out did you?

The first thing that needs to be done to accomplish the task at hand is research.  You need to figure out if any of your wife's friends like venison.  To do this, bring up a tasty meal you cooked or your best recipe to parties for everybody to try.  You could even offer to give away a couple pounds of backstrap or part ways with your tenderloin.  Tough to do but well worth it.

If any of your wife's friends like venison, you shouldn't have any problem completing the task.  All you need to do is argue a couple more of the following points successfully and victory will be yours.  If your wife's friends are all venison haters, your arguments going forward will have to be flawless to give you a chance to pull off an upset.

Benefits of eating venison

Argument one - Venison is one of the cheapest ways to feed your family lean protein.  This one is true as long as you don't go overboard on your hunting trips.  If you do tend to go overboard, you might as well forget about this one.

However, if you don't buy a new gun or travel a thousand miles to your spot, venison meat can be had for cheap.  If you process your own meat, the cost goes down even further.  I calculated the cost of my venison to be under a dollar this year and I had to drive a hundred miles round trip each time to hunt.   In these tough economic times, argument one might be enough to seal the deal.

Argument two - Venison is one of the most organic ways to get your meat.  Deer are free range, you don't have to feed them (unless you bait), and they aren't pumped with steroids.  Try the following line... Honey, why would you want to put unnecessary steroids or chemicals into such a beautiful body.  I am sure you can do better but you get the point.

Argument three - Venison is one of the purest proteins out there.  Ask Ted Nugent, Venison beats beef in every category.  When you cook a pound of venison burger, you will be amazed at how little grease comes out of it (make sure to always point that out).  For the health conscious wife, this may be the icing on the cake.

This concludes the tips I have to get your wife to try venison.  Hopefully, if you are persistent enough and can do a little smooth talking, you will get your shot.

Before you wow your wife with your venison, make sure to read another article I wrote on disguising the taste of venison.  You will be sharing your venison in no time.

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Em. said...

I find this article pretty sexist how you assume all women automatically hate venison as if gender has anything to do with it. Stop being so patronising and grow a pair.

Laurie Spencer said...

I grew up in a hunting / fishing family. I cut my teeth on wild game and I LOVE it, so do both of my daughters. We would rather have venison or other wild game than any other meats. We have been known to argue over leftover venison, lol.

Anonymous said...

I'm a guy and think venison tastes gross. Only way I can eat it is as summer sausage since its so strongly seasoned and mixed with other "real meat".

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