Venison stew

When getting your deer processed or if you process it yourself (preferred Metro Pioneer method), make sure to save some meat for venison stew.  Your butcher will know what you are talking about but if you process it yourself, the roast meat off the back legs make the best stew.

After venison chili, my second favorite thing to cook with venison is venison stew.  Venison stew is healthy, tastes great and is very economical (especially when you use veggies from your own garden).  Venison stew can be made for under a couple bucks and will feed a family for at least a meal or two.

To start making venison stew, round up some veggies out of the garden or refrigerator.  My go to veggies are red potatoes, carrots, onions, green beans but anything will work.  My venison stew is also not complete without small whole mushrooms.

Venison stew
After you have rounded up the veggies, cut them up into bite-sized pieces based on your preference.  I prefer bigger chunks if I am cooking for myself but will chop them up smaller if cooking for others.  The same thing goes for the venison meat.

The next step is to throw all of the ingredients above in to a cast iron pan except the mushrooms and potatoes.

These two ingredients will be added later so it is a good idea to put the potatoes in water if they have been cut to make sure they don't turn brown.

Once the ingredients are in the cast iron pan, add once can of beef broth, a tablespoon of soy sauce, a tablespoon of flour (add a second tablespoon for thicker sauce), a can of tomato sauce and finally a tablespoon of basil (better if grown and dehydrated by you).

Now that everything is in the pan, stir until everything is mixed and insert into a pre-heated to 350 degree oven.  You will cook the venison stew for two hours stirring once after the first hour.  After the venison stew has cooked for two hours, add the potatoes and mushrooms and cook until the potatoes are soft (usually forty-five minutes to an hour).

The fun thing about making venison stew is that there is not a wrong way to make it.  I have made venison stew countless times and it is usually always different.  The reason it is different because I like to use what I have available.

If you have extra tomatoes throw in more tomatoes.  If you have tomato sauce from making your own pizza, throw that in and not as much flour.  The possibilities are endless but it always turns out good.


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