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One of the best things about deer camp is getting back together with friends and relatives that you do not see that often.  Deer camp is a place where it doesn't matter if you even like to hunt or haven't seen somebody in a year.  If you are at deer camp, you are going to have a great time.

I recently had the pleasure of running in to one of my youngest cousins at our deer camp in November.  My cousin and his father have been coming to deer camp for the past few years and although they don't hunt, (we are trying to work on that) deer camp wouldn't be the same without them.

Even though my cousin doesn't like to hunt, we think the same way on a lot of things.  My cousin loves to fish, has an entrepreneurial spirit and loves to garden.  He has made fishing lures, sold vegetables and now runs a vlog where you can learn to garden on youtube.  He is all about living off the land... my kind of guy!

I knew that my cousin like fishing and gardening but didn't know he was as in to gardening as he is.  I started my first garden this year and am starting to learn about things like heirloom veggies and indoor grow lights but he is already teaching about them.

I was really impressed with his knowledge and our conversation pumped me up to start thinking about other ways to garden year round (more to come on that).  Once I got back from deer camp, I watched all of his videos and learned a lot.  I had watched a few videos in the past but was not an active subscriber.

I am now a subscriber and would urge anybody that is interested in learning how to garden or how to take gardening to the next level (growing heirlooms, indoor gardening, living off the land) to sign up as well.  You will be glad you did.  The name of the vlog is MIgardener.

MIgardener's logo

The MIgardener has an entire room dedicated to starting seedlings and growing herbs as well as testing how other fully grown plants grow under grow lights.  He saves his seeds from year to year and has some strands of tomatoes that would blow your mind.

The MIgardener is always trying to figure out ways to garden more efficiently and longer.  I spoke to him recently and he is going to be adding on to his grow room and I am sure he will be documenting how he sets everything up.

If you want to learn to garden on YouTube, check out MIgardener.  Who knows... If I send enough viewers his way, maybe he will take up deer hunting...

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